Thursday, February 08, 2007

For some time now I've wanted to upgrade my camera. My Kodak has been good to me, but it was a poor choice. However, it will live on since I can still use it for it's movie taking abilities. Although I don't have the Nikon D80 yet, I am determined that I will, and that I will sell what I don't use from my stamping supplies. When I started to go through my stamping supplies, I had a hard time trying to decide what I was going to sell so I stopped looking at them all together.. week when I get home, I am going to begin the hard process of weeding out my supplies and finally pack the ones that I decide to keep. I have over 100 Stampin Up sets at the moment and a big pile 'o retired paper and I'm certain there a quite a few that I can let go of. So next week, I'll begin figuring out what they may be worth and put them up on ebay so I can get my camera!

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