Monday, March 05, 2007

Come back way later for some....

Numbers! Me and Lillian have to go to her doctors today to hand in her release form and then we head to the dreaded Wal-Mart (I hate that place) to look for a wrist brace for me. I've been having issues with my pinky and ring finger going numb and everything is pointing towards carpal tunnel. Well.....last night while I was editing in PS, I had this horrible shooting pain in the same arm. So I think that it may be time to get some support. I have to get a new doctor in VT since my current doc isn't covered under our new insurance so I'll be seeing one as soon as I find one. Since it's my left hand, I figure painting with my right won't hurt it! So I'll be back later today with some numbers to go along with the alphabet. I'll be working on the lower case throughout the week and have those posted before I leave! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


cinmcw said...

Ooooh, yeah, that sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome. Had the surgery for that (after trying EVERYTHING else...braces, splints, P.T., etc.)...the surgery was, no painful recovery, no obvious scar. So if it gets bad enough, don't worry about the "ultimate" surgery".

You should wear a splint while sleeping too, btw. Hope it helps and you feel better soon.


my2boys said...

it sure does! ackkkkk! and yes...wear it while sleeping. hope you get it under control.
hugs! *I hate going to walmart too, lol. thought it was just me.

LVMommy22 said...

i had carpal tunnel while i was pregnant, and wearing a brace helped A LOT. definitely sleep in it. i still get flare-ups when i use the computer too much. ackk! i find that ibuprophen (motrin) helps, too.
:) M

Pillowgirl said...

Another thing to consider... I was having a very similar problem in my pinky and ring finger going numb then hurting a lot when it "came back to life" and my doctor told me to pay attention to what I do with the elbow on that arm. There is a little nerve (or funny bone) on the back of the elbow in the joint. I found out I am leaning on that arm and resting my chin a lot. And that it hits the arm rest in my car just so.. and now that I am conscious of that spot, the pains and numbness are gone!

Just thought I would give this stranger's two cents worth.

Molly Schneider said...

Yes-I get the same thing. It happens when I rest my forearms on the edge of the desk/table while working on my laptop. The ulnar nerve is getting compressed, and that is why those two particular fingers are affected. The ulnar nerve runs from the elbow al the way down the forearm.

I find relief if I use my Wacom tablet, and if I type with my laptop on my lap. Also, make sure you are sitting in an armless chair so that you don't rest your forearms on it and cause the compression.

Hope this helps!