Monday, April 23, 2007

Still not completely settled....

Lilly (with a little mohawk) and her TMX Elmo....actually it's more for me!!!

So you know how when you start one thing, and you'd like to start another, but you realize you really won't feel content until you finish the first thing (make any sense???!!!!) That's how I'm feeling now!!! I'd like to start doodling, but I feel like I shouldn't until the house is all unpacked!! We picked up the rest of our essentials this weekend so now I have more boxes to go through. I'm hoping to have everything where it should be by the end of the week. Then the only thing left to do within this place will be buying a decorative area rug for the living room, buying a rug for under the kitchen table, a rug for the 3rd bedroom as well as painting that room. Then, I'll be all done! Anyways, here is a pic of the Living room. I still have a few more decorative things to do, in addition to adding the area rug, but for the most part I'm all done! Hope everyone has a great week and that you're able to get outdoors and enjoy the nice weather!!!


LVMommy22 said...

your house is looking great!
:) M

Laura Skelton said...

I love your new house!