Friday, April 20, 2007

Time to Bake!!!

I love to bake!!! It's one of those memories of my mom that I treasure most. She would bring our Care Bear picnic table into the kitchen and me and my sister would do all of the frosting. I can remember that when she would make pie crusts she would get SOOO frustrated when she would get a hole in it.....she would always say, just listen to the Beatles and everything will be alright....probably one of the reasons why I love them so much!! Anyways, over at the Sweet Shoppe blog, Lauren asked us to blog about our favorite recipe and for me zucchini bread is my absolute can't live without it sweet treat. I hate zucchini, but I guess once you add a ton of sugar and oil, zucchini isn't so bad!!!


LVMommy22 said...

mmmm! i love zucchini bread w/butter and milk! try adding about a cup of grated zucchini to your favorite chocolate cake recipe - sounds disgusting, i know, but it makes the moistest cake you've ever had! and it doesn't taste like zucchini at all!
:) M

Kori said...

Thanks for the recipe! I love zucchini bread too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie, Did you know that your mother got this recipe from Great Grandma. It's one of my favorite things that remind me of her.

Love A.G

Anonymous said...

thanks for the recipe! I want to try this.