Sunday, April 29, 2007

We're back and some quirks!!!

We had a wonderful weekend in Syracuse and the drive out there was way better than our drive to MA.....the people drive CRAZY there!!! Lillian wore the cutest little dress, sadly I forgot my camera once again! So now that we're back, I'm going to continue with the unpacking, continue to learn how to make papers and elements, and do some more research on getting a Wacom.

Anyways, Lauren asked us to blog again......this time about our little quirks. Mine is something that I HATE. Without fail.....everytime I do something new and exciting......I vomit!!!! Gross I know!! Every year on the first day of school I would do it, when I know I'm meeting someone new that day I do it, when we go on vacation I do it!!!! Thankfully I always have that urge in the morning and nothing really comes up......and no I'm not doing it on purpose! So it's a strange quirk, but I always know that it's something that's going to happen and I'm pretty much used to it by now!!!

Hope everyone has a great week.....and if you've got nice weather where you are make sure you get outside and enjoy it!!!


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Glad you had a good time but major bummers you forgot your camera!

I enjoyed a bit to much sunshine yesterday on the tractor and today I am paying for it. I didn't know sunscreen could go bad, but it sure didn't protect me! NOTE TO SELF - Buy new sunscreen!

Lauren Grier said...

ewww.... ew ew ew! lol

thanks for playing haha