Saturday, June 16, 2007


Rant of the day!!!

So today me and Dan went all over the Lillian's new car seat (my big girl :o( ), went to Red Robin for lunch, etc........but first we stopped off at the Cingular store because we wanted to change our number to a Vermont one. So, apparently, none of the major carriers operate in Vermont. We have ONE choice!!!! Apparently it isn't cost effective for the larger companies to set up here because everyone is so spread out and the state's population is so when they tried to set up a tower here they would get shot down by the town. So I guess there's a good point and a bad point. It's good that Vermont won't allow these large companies to come in and take over the land and make it all crappy looking, stinkin' cell phone company!!! Plus the one thing that has me all steamed up is that the guy at Cingular said that we're going to be dropped sooner or later because it's costing them too much to keep us since we have free Nationwide service. So that was our day. Dan is going to work on his truck tomorrow morning and then we're going to go fly fishing later in the day which should be fun and give me a chance to take some pics of Lilly and Dan together in the river!

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

Wow that is stinky!! Seems like they could put up one of those towers that they make look like a windmill or something so it would not be to ugly. Bummers that you do not have any choice.

Sounds like the end of your day will be much better than the beginning :)