Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Our day

Well today was pretty boring! Dan left the carseat in his truck so me and Lilly were stuck at home. It didn't even rain today like it was supposed too. So today when Dan got home, I made him a dinner and headed out to take some pics on my own. I ended up going to one of the covered bridges (1 down 4 to go!), the Bennington monument, and my favorite place at the moment.....the Shaftsbury cemetery. I was able to get some good shots and it was nice to have that time to myself where I could just focus on the pictures. It's going to be a weekly thing for me so I'm really going to look forward to it each week!

Dan fixed my breaks yesterday and that sound that my car was making when I turned to the right. He thinks that my anti-freeze needs to be flushed which is why the check engine light is on. He added some more, but since it's never been flushed since we've had it (going on 4 years) we thought we'd try that before bringing it to the dealer. We don't think it's anything major at this point, so I guess we'll see how it goes. Either way, it's getting traded this year, just a matter of which month!

Annnnnyways, here's a couple of pics from tonight.....


Mandy said...

Gorgeous photos - especially the bridge!

etteY said...

lovely shots! did you used some actions on these photos?