Saturday, August 18, 2007


Talk about a long day....and it's only 6 p.m.!!! We headed to the mall this morning for my eye exam at Lens Crafters....I left 3 hours later with a new pair of glasses and a reminder to make sure that I get my eyes checked every year!!! Lets just say that waiting five years between exams isn't a good thing!! He showed me the differencebetween my old Rx and my new one......WOW!!! No wonder I've been getting so many headaches! I'm still a little woozy because of those eyedrops they put in your eye. I'm trying to get used to my glasses right now. I seriously don't remember glasses costing this much!! I mean, if it weren't for the sale that they're having for 50% off the lenses my total would have been around $600 today.....and I haven't even paid for my contacts yet!!! So I splurged a little with the frames....I figured I haven't had any in a long time so they were well deserved! Here's what I got.....So we're just going to rest for the remainder of the day! Not really sure what we're going to do tomorrow. The Washington County Fair (NY) starts so maybe we'll go check that out and get some fair food and some really bad stomach aches!! If not we're certainly going to go during the week since I've never been there. And I just realized this week that me and Dan are going to be together for 10 years (married for 5) on the 24th......time certainly flies by! Anyways, hope everyones' Saturday is going well! I'm off to download Lightroom and try to figure it out!!

Oh....and be sure to get my grab bag while you can.....less than 6 hours left and only $2!!!


Toni Anne Berman said...

Ooooh.. look at the new specs! ;) A little DKNY never hurt anyone, right? hehe I bet you look beautiful in them!

Good luck with Lightroom! I am still trying to figure it out myself! hehe


Lisa said...

Love the new specs! Don't you hate how something you HAVE to have costs so much money?!

KirstieGai said...

Happy 10th Anniversary for this week. I also recently spent $$$$ on new glasses and contacts. Would love to get the lazer eye surgery but am a chicken!