Thursday, September 06, 2007

A long day!

Well today I decided that we needed to go to BJ's to get some more diapers and wipes and what not. I'm buying Lillian's cloth diapers on Friday, which will be a seems like we've been using disposables forever now. But at least when we have another baby we'll only have to buy the second size. So while we were out in Saratoga I thought I would check in with Lens Crafters to see if they had my lenses in yet......they did.....and they never called! After that we stopped at Old Navy and I picked up some really cute shirts which I really need. Ever since having Lilly my style has kinda slacked since she comes first. It's only been recently that I decided that I need to feel good about myself as well. They have a ton of stuff that is half off for some sort of fall preview sale. So after Old Navy I headed over to the shoe store. I've been loving all of Rocket Dog's shoes and I tried a pair on in Manchester and they just didn't look right on my feet. But today I finally found a pair that I liked and that looked right......aren't they way too cute!! They have a buy one get one half off sale right now, but for the life of me I didn't think that anything else would look right on me. I have until next Saturday to buy the other pair at half off so we may take another trip out there. Nothing else really going on. I'm going to do some doodling with a marker today instead of on the wacom and scan them in since I know how to do it properly now......I guess we'll see. I'd like to have at least a couple more products ready for this weekend and then create at least a few more next week for the grab bag weekend. We'll see what Lilly will allow!

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Aiza Azril said...

I love your shoes!!!