Friday, September 21, 2007

Some wonderful news and some new pics!

Well.....I'm going to be an aunt to a baby girl!!!!! How exciting is that?! I thought that she was going to have a boy up until her first sono where they thought it was a girl. So now I get to go shopping since I've held off up until this point getting a bunch of yellow and green stuff! Now it'll be time to start working on her invites and thinking of stuff to make for the baby shower. So there's a big YAY!!!

Secondly.....big news in the Bombria house......we're getting a home phone!! I know, silly stupid big news! We've been using
our cell phones as our "home" phone since we left Buffalo and while it worked out okay when we were in Massachusetts, it's not working so well since we moved to Vermont. We don't receive all of our messages, missed calls don't even show up, and we have to stand next to the window to get full antenna! We were fine in the beginning when it was still Cingular, but after AT&T bought them out, our service has sucked. So we'll be getting our new phone through the cable company next Tuesday. And yes Pat, you can call us to your heart's content now since we won't have to worry about our minutes anymore!!!

So last night I went out to shoot some pics. I intended on shooting downtown Bennington, but it was completely packed and I couldn't find a parking spot. I think that I'm going to wake up really early tomorrow morning when no one is down there so I can pay more attention to things. I was able to stop at the Bennington Museum of Arts (I think that's what it's called) and shoot the wind sculptures and then to the Grandma Moses schoolhouse. Oh and Lillian took her first bubble bath yesterday......she was a little confused at first, but then she warmed right up to them!!

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Gabi Butcher said...

Loved this pics.
Can't wait to see the new photos.