Friday, November 09, 2007

In training....

I always ask Lilly if she'll stay as small as she is for the rest of her long as she starts using the potty......she always shakes her head no! She had the no thing down pat, still need to work on saying yes. She's been sitting on her potty for the past few months so at least she's got that part down. And just in case you're wondering, yes that is an old potty trainer! It was my dad's and then me and Betsy used it. Now that I'm looking at this pic, I think I'm going to get a bowl to go under it and start putting her on's worth a try at least!

I've been working on my business plan for the photography business. Right now I'm brainstorming on a name since I don't like hearing my last name butchered! I thought for certain that once I got married, I wouldn't have to hear my last name mispronounced anymore......I mean, Bombria......bomb-rhea!!! I hear Boombria, Bombriard (where the d comes from I'll never know) and several others. So for me, coming up with a name for my business will help me from correcting everyone everytime they say my name!! Once I come up with the name, I need to buy the domain. There are sooooo many things I need to do, the least of which is buy a new computer! I was looking at the MacBook, but with only 13 inches, that's smaller than the Dell I have now and I'd rather go bigger for photo editing. I don't know what to do, but I'll figure it out....I've got some time to think about it anyways since I'm in no rush!!

Anyways, not really sure what's going on this weekend or if we have any plans. It's supposed to be nice but cold out so I'd at least like to get outside for a bit! I'll have a freebie coming up soon.....some more stuff from the collab kits at MDM.....sometime next week.

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