Thursday, January 24, 2008


is here!!!!  And yet again, I have a TON of things to learn.......and I mean a TON!  I think that I have most of the basics with the Mac down pat and I'm completely used to it now, so now the real work with understanding and using all of Photoshop's tools is the next phase for me.  I picked up Holly's Eye sparkle and defog actions from Pink Ink today and I'm totally in love and so happy that I was finally able to get them!!!  Just being able to see my pics larger and create everything with a bigger screen and having a normal keyboard again has helped me out a lot.  I think that having the bigger screen is going to help me a lot when I get back into designing.......which may start sometime next week!
So other than that not much else is going on.  Dan stays after work each night playing squash and comes home with some really sweaty clothes!  He's lost a bunch of weight......typical man!!!  At least him staying late lets me wait to clean up Lillian's mess a little bit later!  She makes such a mess wherever she goes.  It's like some radar goes off letting her know when the place is clean and that it's time for her to get to work.  I gave up on cleaning out the lower cabinets a looooooooong time ago.  I'll worry about it more once she understands more.  Temper tantrums are also becoming more persistent.......happy, happy, joy, joy!!!  It seriously makes me laugh on the inside each time I see her drop to the floor and start crying.......I think it's the only thing you can do to keep yourself sane!!!!  Apparently she didn't meet her weekly quota, so she decided to play catch up and have a bunch of tantrums today.  So instead of running to the bank to get one of my forms for the State notarized, we stayed home.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and we'll head out.  And maybe I'll take some pics of her too!

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