Friday, February 29, 2008

Vote for me (only if you like my pic of course!!!)

I got picture of the day earlier this week at Pink Ink Studios!!!!  I've had picture of the day there before, but it's only been of "things" and not people........I was getting a bit worried that maybe I wasn't meant to photograph people!  But getting picture of the day for this picture
totally made my day and made me feel proud of myself for what I've achieved thus far.  They have a weekly contest for all of the pics of the day on their blog and the winner gets a gift certificate to the store, but since I NEVER win anything I won't get my hopes up!  Dan has the best luck when it comes to winning things.......guess he's just a lucky guy!!  Anyways, that totally made my week!  And if you get a chance to swing over to the blog here, be sure to vote, but vote for whoever you like the most!!!

In other BIG NEWS........DAN IS SICK!!!!!!!!!  I think that the earth stopped revolving because Dan never gets sick........but when he does......look out!!!  Talk about a big baby!!!  I think men are weenies when it comes to getting sick.  It's that yucky 24 hour stomach bug that everyone fun let me tell you!  I'm back to normal and Lillian is about 95% at the moment.  All week Dan was telling me "drink orange juice and you won't get sick."  While I know that the vitamin C is good for you and all, I don't think that it had much of a chance helping block this nasty germ.  I was really hoping that he wouldn't get it, but oh well!!!  So all plans for the weekend have been cancelled.  I hope that everyone else has a better weekend than we will!!!!!


muckeline said...

Love your wonderful photos !!

mier said...

Awesome photo!!!

Shel said...

Gorgeous! Your photos rock, hon!