Sunday, March 02, 2008

My sweetie

Isn't she the most beautiful little girl you've ever laid your eyes on?!  As soon as I brought this image up on my computer I said "finally"........I've finally been able to capture the color of her eyes!  They always look so dark whenever I shoot her, but she finally stayed still for me!  So this week will be a fun one for sure!  Gonna finish some editing, go see the accountant on Tuesday (talk about fun!) and work on my new contracts with my revised design.  I'm going to be working on some custom templates for cards and stuff so that I can offer them to my clients......may work on some digital scrapbooking stuff of my own as well so I can offer that service as well, but that of course is at the bottom of my list!  Anyways, I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!!!


Karen aka Cloggie68 said...

beautiful eyes!!

Anonymous said...

Those eyes are gorgeous. What a beautiful little girl. - Lori

Anonymous said...

Nice pose! Good eyes with catch light! The skin tone is a bit unnatural. The face has a pinkish hue and is a touch to bright. 1. Change the white balance settings in your camera to cloudy to warm your images. Auto white balance tends to add a blue tint. 2. Correct in photoshop. 3. Use a soft warming filter on your lens.

The teacher