Saturday, February 02, 2008

Penguin Plunge

Bennington had it's winter fesitval today and part of its festivities included the Penguin Plunge.  I just had to see these people go into that frigid water......and of course take pics...

I was finally able to finish up my contracts and what not and now they just need to be printed.  I'm going to need a new printer, but at this point, it really isn't high priority so I'll just have them printed somewhere.  Dan is helping his sister move tomorrow and I'm going to work on designing my business cards and postcards to send out to potential clients.  Everything from this point on is just getting all of the details together and start advertising and what not.  I designed a "flyer" to put up on billboards to get the word out and I have a lot of other things that I plan on doing that are on my to do list, which will hopefully all be done pretty soon.  Hopefully, at least for Betsy's sake, I'll be going home this week to help out once Marianna arrives.  If you're reading this, send some positive vibes her way that Marianna decides that she's had enough and ready to meet us all this week!  Betsy was taken out of work this week, so that's of course taking away from her maternity leave.  So the sooner Marianna arrives, the more time they get to spend together.  Anyways, I'm going to go try and cross another thing off of my to do list!

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