Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy, busy, busy.....

that's my life as of right now, which is a good thing most of the time. Busy means I'm making money, and making money is always a good thing.....especially being a stay at home mom! I know I need to share some new photos of Lillian which I plan on doing sometime this week. I also need to take some new photos of the house. Dan is done with the outside for this year. We're saving the front for next year since we have to rent a lift....better to do it right the first time around!

We'll be starting work on the bathroom first. We have to completely gut it other than the tub. New vanity, new toilet, new light fixtures, new tile floor.....basically new everything! We even decided to put in some new windows since the ones in there are probably in the worst shape out of all of the ones in the house! It'll stink once the whole process starts since it's our only bathroom other than the toilet downstairs, but we'll get through it! I'm just ready for there to be some light fixtures in there.....and an exhaust fan!!!

Anyways, the whole reason for this post is that I thought that I would share some of the holiday cards that I'll be offering my clients this year. All orders need to be in by November 20th to ensure that they'll be printed and delivered in time to be sent out. You can check them out better on the photography blog here.

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