Friday, November 14, 2008

New Website

So one of the new things that I've been busy doing is transferring everything from my old website over to my new website. I'm still using the same template so it'll be the same for the most part. The new site has a shopping cart though so my clients can order and pay directly through the site. I've already been using it while I got things up and going and giving my clients the temporary website so that I didn't need to worry about transferring the proofing galleries as well. So the new website is up and running and I have A LOT of updating to do on the blog....I think I have like 6 or 7 sessions I still need to post. I'm staying busy till the end of the year and then things will start to dwindle down so I can start focusing on marketing for next year and getting my new camera gear.

My session for tomorrow had to be rescheduled till next weekend because there's a 100% chance of rain so we'll probably work on the kitchen. I picked up some paint samples at Home Depot today and looked at flooring. I'm excited to have a normal looking kitchen and something that I'm comfortable spending time in.

I think that I might take Lillian's Christmas photos tomorrow.....only problem is that she probably won't want to take her dress off once we're done! Anyways, got some things to do so hopefully I'll be back with some Christmas sneak peaks!

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