Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Today ...

was another uneventful day. It was really muggy out so we stayed inside today. I did my least favorite chore, the laundry.....I'd seriously rather clean a men's bathroom than do the laundry....sad I know! While I was doing the laundry I glanced over at my craft supplies and decided that it was a good time to go through all my stuff and organize it since I'm going to start making cards again every Friday. Last week when I went in there and looked at all my stuff, I realized that I just need to start using it or get rid of it completely. So I'm going to start using my stamping stuff, make some altered frames, notebooks, etc and even dabble in some hybrid stuff too. I'm going to start building a stash of stuff and hopefully sell some stuff at a local farmers market, but probably not until next summer so I have enough I need to focus on the photography the most at this point.

Depending on the weather tomorrow we might go take some pics someplace for my homework that I have.....I need to take pics of a moving object so Lilly will be perfect! Here's a pic of Lilly from Colby's birthday party.....she's wearing the cutest dress that my friend Gabi sent her for her favorite!!


Anonymous said...

Amazing! I'm in love with that pic. Could you tell is that some Photoshop action?

summer simmons said...

that photo is absolutely precious. she is such a cutie.

susan said...

Wonderful photo...and a great idea to make cards. I'm always looking for unique ones. Maybe you'll open at Etsey shop?

amy said...

laundry - yummy. that's my plan for the day! ick.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! she is cute!!! ;)
I can't believe I'm actually commenting on a Carrie Bombria's blog!!! ;) LOL
I think you are an amazing designer, I love your drawings and doodles and everything!!!
I'll come to visit your blog often ;)
Hugs & kisses,