Thursday, August 28, 2008


I won't get into the details because that would just be wrong of me, but let me just tell you this......ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT!!!!!!! I wrote the fine print and expect it to be read........enough said!

Anyways, today me and Lillian drove up to Rutland to go to Jo-Ann fabrics so I could pick up a few more colors for backdrops for this weekend. We're going back to Syracuse for my dad's annual clam bake that he holds every Labor Day.....clams.....yuck!!! I'll just take a coney and corn on the cob please! I have 3 mini shoots on Saturday and then the bake is on Sunday. We'll be coming home later that night so that Dan can spend all day Monday painting the house. And would you believe that he took Tuesday off.......the man that never takes time off is actually using his vacation days........SHOCKING I KNOW!!! Actually Dan has been doing a really good job at coming home at 5 since we bought the house. And although he gets right to painting when he gets home, I'm glad that he's letting go of the fact that the stuff at work will always be there tomorrow. Anyways, I'm going to be working on Matthew's photos later tonight and tomorrow along with some other stuff. Nothing to exciting and no new pictures of Lillian.....sorry! But remember to check out my photography blog here from time to time......I post all of my sessions over there and the pictures are always nice and big!!

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