Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's my blog....

and I can talk about anything I want too!!! Dan always says "why'd you put that on your blog?" Because it's MYYYYYY blog and I can do and say whatever I want.......THAT'S WHY!!!! Anyways, Dan went to bed early so I was actually able to watch the convention. One word.....AMAZING!!! I am so ready for a change and when I cast my vote in November, I hope that millions of other voters will be ready for the same change!

Anyways, I was just looking at this blog and thought to myself.......I really need to change my blog header!!! Lillian was only a year old in that shot and wasn't even walking.........ahhhhhh.......the good old days!!! That's back when I didn't have to chase behind her cleaning up her mess (I give up on some days and just let her do her thing!)......or when I didn't have to worry about her getting up during her nap time and throwing things out of her crib and taking off her poopy diaper and throwing it on the floor while jumping and screaming "I pooh'd, I pooh'd." (I seriously almost died laughing when I opened up the door and saw her all naked jumping up and down!) I seriously need to go to bed thoughts are very random and I'm not making much sense!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm right with you on the DNC. It's been 4 nights of increasingly amazing speeches. Each night, I thought, "this can't get any better," and every night it has.

The next 144 days can't pass quickly enough.

Love your site and photos. Lots of inspiration to be found here! Peace and blessings.

Anonymous said...

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