Wednesday, September 03, 2008

If you have a little girl.....

you need to check out my friend Gabi's Etsy shop here! She makes the sweetest little bows and Lillian absolutely LOVES them! They're actually the only bows that she'll keep in her hair. Gabi even made a little holder for Lillian and painted it with ladybugs since she remembered how much I love ladybugs (how can you not love something that means good luck!) Me and Gabi used to work together when me and Dan were living in Buffalo, NY and her and her husband have the most adorable twin girls that are the same age as Lillian. I was able to meet the girls last time I was out in Buffalo around 2 years ago, but we're working on getting out there so we can both catch up with some friends and finally have the girls meet. Every now and then me and Dan will miss something in particular about Buffalo, but half of the time it involves food which isn't a good enough reason to stay. We both had some great friends that are still out there though so it really would be great to get back there for a visit.

Other than that, we went to the VT state fair yesterday and let me tell you, I'm glad that we only paid $2 to get in!!! It was cute and all, but I would have totally bummed if we had to pay the $10 each for that!! It was even smaller than the Washington County Fair in NY! We did get to see a pig race though and Lillian absolutely loved it. Actually I should say that she loved all of the other kids jumping up and down more so than the pigs! It was nice taking a break from painting the house and editing! I have 4 sessions I need to edit so it will be a week filled with lots of time spent at the computer once again, but after that September won't be busy again until later in the month. Anyways, time to get to work!!!

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